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This site contains stuff about me. Like most people, I drift through my likes and dislikes but they all come back into fashion again at some point (bit like 70s music). The point is that some bits will be current and some not.


Dungeons and Dragons

I have palyed DnD, on and off, from 1st Edition through to 4th Edition.

As I usually DM, I have found a wide range of tools to make this more interesting for all and I heartily recommend the following tools.

Campaign Cartographer

Fat Dragon Games
Wizards of the Coast

Examples of my efforts can be found here



Below is a selection of links for some of the music I am currently into. Sirenia were awesome live.

Sirenia Myspace Facebook

Why Goatdealer?

I often get asked why 'goatdealer', its a long story (they always are). Below is the short, editied and twisted through time version.

In my distant past, I purchased a Lancia Delta. I proudly took it to show my mate Ian (hi, wherever you are!). He took one look at it and said 'you brought a bit of a goat there didnt you?'

After a while, it broke, so I brought a Lancia Delta Turbo... Ian, true to form, looked at it and said 'another goat'

Hence, goatdealer.



Now we are on to the serious stuff!

As I never saw the point of growing up, I play loads of games.
Below is a list of some of them..

Starfllet Commander  
Elite (Link is to free version)  
N Gauge Railway